Fishing Vacation to Alaska

25 Sep

Alaska Fishing Trips

Have you been wondering if it is time for a trip? If you have taken your wife hunting or to the zoo every year, you may have decided that now is the time to go big or go home. The kids have seen the ocean and have seen all the exotic animals time and time again and you would like to give them the chance to experience something new. It is time to get away from city life for a while and just do it. You want to go where the moose roam freely and where the halibut are abundant. You have been considering taking the kids on one of those Alaskan fishing trips you have seen on TV for some time. It would be a good opportunity and aside from that, you love fishing! You spend hours in the summer out by the pond trying to catch bass, and you know you can do better. With this being said, you may be considering going on one of the said trips to Alaska. These trips are wonderful experiences for old and young alike. So do this shit. You should know where you are going to be staying, what kind of licenses you will need and whether or not you plan to hire a guide. These are all things you will want to have worked out before you go to Alaska and now is the time to think it through.

Alaska Fishing AK
Alaskan Fishing Adventure Vacations

Obviously first off you must plan out which town you want to go to. There are many wonderful fishing locations in all parts of Alaska, so no matter where you choose to take your trip, you will have wonderful saltwater or freshwater fishing opportunities. Next, you will need to know that if you are between 16 and 60, you need a fishing permit. You can get one once you arrive in Alaska, but the truth is that they take around six weeks to process the application, so it is highly beneficial for you to apply for one ahead of time. This can be done by downloading the application off the website for Alaska’s Department of Fish and Game and mailing it in. They have single day and multi day licenses. Keep in mind, however, if you plan to fish for king salmon, this requires a separate license, which must be obtained in Alaska at a sporting goods store. There are also limits and regulations on how many fish you can catch, so this is something to make note of. If your salmon is more than 20 inches long, you can only keep three fish per day. If your fish are less than 10 inches, you can keep up to 10.
Where Will You Stay?

Where will you stay when you are in Alaska? Lodging is very important, because you need a place to rest your head at night. Many times when you are booking Alaska fishing trips, you will find that package deals are available. If you choose to book a package deal, you will save a great deal of money. You will not only have a place to stay while you are on your Alaska fishing trips, but you will more than likely also be provided with an expert guide who can teach you about fishing. You will also have your meals provided, as well as fish processing for any fish you may catch and want to take home with you. This includes the cleaning, vacuum packaging and boxing. Booking a package deal is definitely the way to go.

You now know what kind of laws and regulations there are about catching fish and about the licensure process. With this being said, it is now time for you to book your Alaska fishing trip. Make sure that you do not hesitate, because booking in the off season can save you money and fishing trips fill up fast. Please be sure that you consider all of your options and remember that this trip is not supposed to stress you out. Alaskan fishing vacations can be one of the most fun ways for you to teach your kids about life in the wilderness and to have a blast in nature!


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